Rotavation Of Allotments and Vegetable Patches

rotavator rotavating

If you have taken on an allotment and are dreading the manual digging of your vegetable and flower beds, we can give you a helping start. We can rotavate the areas you require while also adding extra nutrition with soil conditioner.

What is soil conditioner?

A soil conditioner is a substance produced from organic matter that helps to improve the quality of your soil, adding slow release nutrients. It has been naturally hot composted to destroy any seeds. The soil conditioner we use is British, sustainably sourced and peat free.

Soil conditioner enhances and restores a range of natural properties within the soil. Advantages include:

  • Adding bulky organic matter
  • Adding natural humus and humus-makers back to the soil
  • Aiding drainage
  • Improving moisture retention, making water easily available for roots
  • Increasing nutrient retention
  • Providing naturally slow-releasing nitrogen
  • Opening up heavy clay soils
  • Helping to reduce compaction of soil
  • Improving clay gardens and allotments, or sandy and reclaimed soils

What we do

  • Strim existing weeds to uncover soil.
  • Apply a layer of soil conditioner.
  • Rotavate the the soil and soil conditioner together to a depth of 25cm.

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