Lawn Mowing Service

lawn mowing service

Why hire someone else to mow your lawn? If you’re someone who values their free time and doesn’t find mowing the lawn a particularly fun activity, then hiring someone to do it for you could be just the ticket. It’s not right for everyone, but here are some considerations:

  • Save time

Having someone else to do the mowing for you frees up your time allowing you to do more of the things you enjoy.

Replace those dreadful weekend lawn mowing days, use that time for a day trip, or work on more rewarding areas of your garden.

  • Save money

You can save money on expensive equipment. Keep your garden shed free of garden tools especially a large lawn mower.

A regular lawn mowing service will improve your lawn. Most people aren’t that great at keeping their lawn cut on a regular basis. This may involve forking out a lot of money to sort it out when it becomes overgrown. The garden then falls back into disrepair and the cycle starts again.

By hiring someone to mow your lawn on a regular basis (once to twice weekly is best) you can enjoy your garden all the time. Gone will be the days where you frantically try to mow your overgrown lawn leaving a scrubby brown look ready for that last minute BBQ.

A before and after lawn mowing job.

Some more of our previous work can been seen here.

Lawn Mowing Prices

As all lawns vary, so will the price. Complete the contact form below to request a free, no obligation quote.

I charge an agreed fix cost per lawn, not an hourly rate.

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