Pet home visits

Pet home visit

Need someone to pop in and let the dog out while you are at work? This service is perfect for older dogs who are not as active as they used to be and just need some garden time while you’re out of the home. It’s also perfect for owners who prefer to walk their dogs themselves when they return, or for those owners with puppies how aren’t allowed out walking yet. If you would prefer us to walk your dog, please see our dog walking service. Our home pop in service is a 30 minute visit where we will interact with your dog and give them some mental stimulation with their favourite game, or just sit and snuggle up with some fuss. If you are already training your dog, then letting us know commands will mean we can reinforce them in the same manner you do. We advocate positive reinforcement training techniques.

What we will do:

  • Visit your home and let your dog out
  • Engage with your dog to break the boredom
  • Refresh any drinking water
  • Spend a minimum of 30 minutes at your home
  • Send you a text/whatsapp update so you can relax knowing your dog has been visited
  • Clean up after your dog should it toilet in your garden

Pet home visit price

Set standard price of £8.00 per visit.

Contact us for our pet home visit service