Cat and Small Animal Holiday Service

Pet holiday feeding

Planning a holiday or weekend break? Rather than take your pet to a boarding service, why not leave your pet at home where it feels most comfortable and relaxed? We provide a home visiting service that not only attends to your pets needs but a few extras as well. We understand that it’s not only your pets that may need attending too. We can ensure that any post is removed from your letterbox, bins are put out and plants watered in your absence. Not only that, we will make sure that when you arrive home there will be a complimentary 2 litre bottle of milk and a fresh loaf of bread so you don’t have to worry about needing to pop to a supermarket on your return.

Our service means that :

  • Cheaper than a boarding option
  • Happier more relaxed pets
  • No drop offs or collections from a boarding provider
  • We look after your post, bins and houseplants at the same time
  • You come home to a fresh loaf and a bottle of milk

There are many pets that we are happy to attend to including:

  • Cats
  • Guinea pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Chickens
  • Ferrets (Darren has had 8 ferrets and is happy around them)
  • Tortoise
  • ….and many more.

What we will do:

  • Visit you free in advance of your holiday to make notes of food quantities, current feeding regime, and where food/bedding is kept.
  • Free key collection and return
  • Feed your cat/small animals/fish as per your instructions
  • Replace any drinking water with a fresh supply each visit
  • Clean out cat litter trays
  • Clean out small animal cages once every 4 days of your absence
  • Send you a text/whatsapp update each time we visit your pet/home
  • Take out bins (if required)
  • Remove any post from your letterbox and place in pre-arranged location (i.e. kitchen counter)
  • Water house plants (if required)
  • Provide a complimentary fresh bottle of milk and a loaf of bread for your return.

Please note that we will use your own supplied feed, bedding and litter products.

Cat and Small Animal Holiday Service Pricing

We charge a standard £15 per visit.

No surcharges for weekends or bank holidays.

Contact us for booking our holiday service