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Dog walking

Our dog experience


Darren used to work in the dog section at Woodgreen Animal Shelter. He has experience of most dog breeds and temperaments. He is equally happy to walk a little princess to a big bear. He has worked with dog to dog aggressive dogs and so is experienced enough, and happy enough, to walk this type of dog.


Suzy just loves dogs. She has first hand experience with border collies, lurchers and staffordshire bull terriers, and has owned dogs for over thirty years.

Bebe and JJ

Hi! We are JJ the staffordshire bull terrier and Bebe the lurcher.

JJ is the clever one, and Bebe is the princess. We are happy to join your dog for a walk if you want us to at no extra cost, however we only join in if you request our presence. We know not every dog likes company, while others love it.

Our walking ethic

As long time dog owners ourselves, there are a few things we would like to let you know. These are things we would want to know before we even considered hiring a dog walker.

  • If your dog already has a walking route that they are used to, we will follow it. JJ would hate being bundled into the back of a strange vehicle and been driven to somewhere he doesn’t know. Consistency is important for dogs.
  • We will always clean up after your dog and dispose of it correctly. If there is no dog poo bins on the walk, we carry it home and use the appropriate bin.
  • We do not do group walks. We do not collect multiple dogs from multiple households and walk them together. We only include our own dogs if needed as we know their temperaments inside out. Mixing unknown dogs together is outside our service provision.
  • During our walk, we will send you a message to let you know they are out as promised. If you use whatsapp, we will also send you photograph. You can then go on about your daily business not worrying if your pooch is sat alone at home with their legs crossed. We think part of the service should include an update so you don’t have to worry.
  • All dogs are always walked “on lead”.
  • We are advocates of positive reinforcement.

Dog walking prices

Number of dogs from same household1 hour30 minutes
1 dog£15.00£8.00
Additional dog (same household)£5.00£2.00
Please note that unlike other dog walking services, there are no additional surcharges for weekends or bank holidays.

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